What is network marketing?

Network marketing is the most fabulous opportunity to make incredible income around your current commitments; you’re able to work when you want, with whom you want and how you want whilst being helped every step of the way to build self-confidence and leadership skills.

Network marketing is a natural thing that we all do without realising.

You already do network marketing!

Watched a fantastic movie? Found a new restaurant or bar you love? Read an excellent book? Amazing sale on shoes? You’re naturally going to tell people about it.

It is simply sharing your love and excitement, which can lead to sales, a very successful business and an extraordinary lifestyle.

Successful network marketing businesses are built from relationships, talking and networks.

Where my Network Marketing Journey Began

Once qualified as a nurse I decided to work in intensive care for 3 years. I had the most incredible experience but the shift work was very restrictive and just didn’t sync with my husbands work patterns; myself and my husband were like ships passing in the night which meant I’d generally take my annual leave and days off on my own. This also meant the thought of starting a family was also completely out of the window. Planning in advance was often a complete ‘no no’ and I would regularly miss out on Christmas’s, weddings and parties… part and parcel of being in the NHS I hear you say which is very true but it didn’t make it any easier. I loved my NHS job but felt very dictated to.

This was the catalyst to fulfil my long-term plan and venture into aesthetic medicine. I finally achieved my goal and became an aesthetic nurse…. And now I truly love every aspect of my job….. However I’m self-employed and earn on a commission only basis so my income can be very inconsistent at times which impacts on my family finances.

My husband Ben is a stunt man in the movies. He loves being a stunt man but it’s very physically demanding on his body and comes with huge risk at times. This became real in September 2015 when one of my husbands work colleagues and a very good friend of ours had a horrendous stunt accident which almost cost her her life.

It really brought home just how dangerous my husband’s job can be at times because of conditions that are completely out of his control, which then made my husband question his whole career.

I will always support any decision he makes but the thought of supporting us both financially petrified me as I could barely afford to support myself at times let alone us both. This made me realise just how much I needed a plan B….. and that was where Network Marketing came in.

I discovered my Network Marketing company in August 2015 and loved the ethos of the company so much I became a company representative purely for the amazing discounts. I had absolutely no intentions of developing the business or selling products and made that perfectly clear upon joining.

However, my friends stunt accident happened a month after me joining the Network Marketing company. By then I’d fallen in love with both the products and business so decided that because I had a new found passion and my skin looked and felt great, that I would actually get involved in the business, much to my husbands amusement.

I had a track record of being horrendous at selling products in my previous role as a beauty therapist and I don’t have to sell in the aesthetic clinic either.

I think my dislike for sales when I was a beauty therapist came down to the fact that I wasn’t prepared to use the products on myself. Being a product of the product speaks volumes to me, if you’re using and loving a product yourself then recommending it to everyone around you seems the obvious thing to do.

This also goes for the business opportunity, if you’re loving what you’re doing and know it could help someone else then recommend it. We all do network marketing and recommend things on a daily basis but we just don’t get paid to do it. This is all network marketing is, word of mouth recommendations, whether its for the business side or the product side.

Why choose to do network marketing with me?

I have the perfect opportunity to offer you with full coaching to support you to earn as you learn. It’s not a get rich quick scam, it’s the most generous, powerful, well-established compensation plan and infrastructure to give you outstanding rewards every step of the way.

You can become a businessperson and entrepreneur for very little cost with no minimum purchase requirements. There are total transparency of clinical results, ingredients, benefits and other product knowledge as well as full details of exactly how we do business, earnings and the time and effort required to achieve success. The customer service is unparalleled and the products are superior.

I am looking for people like you, to help you find your niche within the business, embrace and learn new skills and bring out your talents and ideas. My goal is help turn your ordinary into the extraordinary.

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