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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a gel substance that is injected into the skin to lift and soften lines and wrinkles.

I only use clinically safe, “Gold Standard” fillers that are mostly made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in our skin. They promote collagen and elastin rejuvenation, leaving the skin with a more youthful appearance.

Common uses of Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers can be used as an anti-ageing treatment in various areas on the face to replace lost volume, add extra volume and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

The injection of hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the treated area as well as temporarily increase collagen production within the skin.


Dermal Fillers commonly treat:

Nose to mouth lines
Fine lines
Jaw line
General skin rejuvenation
Scar revision

Dermal Fillers frequently asked questions

Do Dermal Fillers Hurt?

This is one of the most common questions I’m asked about dermal filler treatments. It’s usually asked in regards to the injecting of the product. I’d be lying if I said no but it’s more of a discomfort than a pain.

Below is a list of ways that I can make your dermal filler treatment as comfortable as possible:

  • In my experience topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) is one of the most effective ways to help the treatment feel more comfortable. It’s applied prior to treatment and generally makes a huge difference to the experience. I even have a few clients that claim they ‘don’t feel a thing’.
  • Clinical ice sticks can also help to numb the treatment area. I personally prefer the local anaesthetic cream as the numbing effects last longer.
  • The great thing about the dermal filler products I use is that they contain a local anaesthetic (numbing agent). This helps to numb each area injected.
  • The area being treated also plays a role in how much discomfort you will feel. The skin above the lips and lips themselves are particularly sensitive areas.
  • The injection techniques used can also determine the level of discomfort you will experience. I tend to use cannulas over needles for many dermal filler treatments as explained in my video. They tend to reduce the discomfort experienced, reduce the risk of swelling and bruising, reduce the downtime, and they also reduce the risk of complications.

What results can I expect from Dermal Fillers?

The results are immediate however it can take up to two weeks for the full effects to be visible.

Results can vary depending on the product used, area treated, the skin quality and age of the patient. The hyaluronic acid fillers used are not permanent and generally last between four to eighteen months.

Are there any Side Effects from Dermal Fillers?

As with all medication unwanted side effects can occur.

It is expected that a slight discomfort will occur at the time of injection and that there is the possibility of redness, itching, swelling, bruising and/or tenderness after the injection; these should resolve within a couple of hours and up to a few days. Injections to the lip area may take slightly longer to settle.

Other potential side effects include infection, hypersensitive reaction, vessel occlusion, abscess formation and granuloma; however these side effects are not common.

Can anyone have Dermal Fillers?


  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Infections at the site of injection/treatment.
  • A known sensitivity to Hyaluronic acid or other ingredients such as lidocaine.
  • Patients with multiple confirmed allergies.
  • Autoimmune conditions such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Scleroderma.


  • Patients who are prone to hypertrophic scarring.
  • Blood thinning medication including aspirin, warfarin.
  • Over the counter medication which may thin the blood including Vitamin E, St. John’s Wart, Omega-3, Cod liver oil, Garlic, Ginkgo Biloba.

What do I need to know before having from Dermal Filler treatment?

  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before treatment.
  • Avoid taking over the counter medication which may thin the blood including Vitamin E, St. John’s Wart, Omega-3, Cod liver oil, Garlic, Ginkgo Biloba for 7 days prior to treatment.
  • If your doctor has prescribed you blood thinning medication such as aspirin for medical purposes, please check with your doctor before stopping this medication.

Dermal Filler Results

My lips are AMAZING! So natural! My first client today said that my lower lines looked a lot less! And I didn’t even tell her i’d had dermal filler treatment! You are amazing lady x.

Mel cleverly corrected an imbalance in my lips with dermal filler. It looks incredibly natural and was just what I wanted. Mel listened carefully and advised. She is also incredibly patient as I am the biggest wimp ever.

Mel is not only meticulous and professional but also a lovely and caring lady. Her treatments are brilliant and I would recommend her services to anyone.

I had dermal filler treatment with Mel at Henley and I was extremely pleased with the results, which I could see straight away. I would recommend Mel as she was so friendly and professional. Definitely 5 stars.


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