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    Skin Care Consultations in Buckinghamshire

Why is skin care important?

The correct skin care can slow down the ageing process but also repair damage that is already done. The skin is our largest and fastest growing organ, which has many roles including protecting us from the outside world. Signs of ageing generally appear here first because it is continually under attack from the environment.

With the thousands of products available it’s hard to know what type of product to go for. I recommend products that I truly believe in.

Blending science and nature

I work with and recommend skin care that blend the best of science and the best of nature; the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature are integrated with the principles of green chemistry to make superior, scientifically proven, results driven products which are responsibly made to protect our earth in the process.

If you would like to book in for a skin consultation or are interested in a particular product please contact me for more information.


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