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What Is Botox Treatment

What is Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

Injectable anti-wrinkle treatments often referred to as ‘Botox’ can be used on the face to prevent new lines from forming or to treat existing fine lines and wrinkles. A small amount of Botulinum Toxin type A (Botox®/Azzalure®), a naturally occurring protein, will temporarily relax facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Doses are tailored to the individual, there is also the option of having ‘baby botox’ in which a very small amount is used to create extremely subtle results

The treatment can take up to fourteen days to reach its full effect and generally lasts between three to five months.

Botox Common Uses

Common uses

Botulinum Toxin type A has various uses for general medical conditions as well as for cosmetic purposes.

It is most commonly used in cosmetic purposes for the treatment of wrinkles and dynamic lines, which form as a result of facial expressions such a frowning and smiling. A full assessment will be carried out prior to treatment as deeper lines, sleep lines or gravity lines may not be appropriate for Botulinum toxin treatment.

Botulinum Toxin type A is also used to treat excess sweating (known as hyperhidrosis) by simply blocking nerve signals to sweat glands.

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone have Botulinum Toxin type A?


  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • A known sensitivity to Botulinum Toxin type A or other ingredients such as sodium chloride, sucrose, lactose or albumin.
  • Patients with multiple confirmed allergies.
  • Infections at the site of injection/treatment.
  • Patients with Myasthenia Gravis or Eaton Lamberts Syndrome.
  • Certain antibiotic treatment including Gentamicin, Neomycin, Streptomycin, Spectinomycin.
  • General aesthetic; 4 weeks prior or post treatment.


  • Neuromuscular disorders including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • Blood thinning medication including aspirin, warfarin.
  • Over the counter medication which may thin the blood including Vitamin E, St. John’s Wart, Omega-3, Cod liver oil, Garlic, Ginkgo Biloba.
  • A history of swallowing difficulties or aspiration.
  • Antimalarial medication such as quinolone.

What do I need to know before having my treatment?

  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before treatment.
  • Avoid taking over the counter medication that may thin the blood including Vitamin E, St. John’s Wart, Omega-3, Cod liver oil, Garlic, Ginkgo Biloba for 7 days prior to treatment.
  • If your doctor has prescribed you blood thinning medication such as aspirin for medical purposes, please check with your doctor before stopping this medication.

Mel is amazing! She always gets me looking fresh but very natural. She is such a sweet and caring person too, I would recommend her for anything.

Mel is not only meticulous and professional but also a lovely and caring lady. Her treatments are brilliant and I would recommend her services to anyone.

Friendly and very professional, very pleased and happy after each visit, would highly recommend Mel to anyone and everyone.

Mel is a perfectionist and I wholeheartedly trust her guidance and judgement whilst doing any of my procedures.


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