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How facial wipes can harm our skin and the environment

I have to say that as a typical Gemini I love and embrace change and it seems that we are finally seeing many more environmental changes of late. As a nation we are becoming more environmentally savvy about global pollution from product packaging to skincare and beauty.

After learning about the impending ban on wet wipes I felt it was my duty to inform you of the reasons why but also that there are alternative options for all those ‘wipe’ lovers out there.

How wet wipes harm the environment

I’ve read a few times recently that The Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) are on a mission to eliminate plastic waste such as wet wipes, which includes most facial wipes!

Non-biodegradable wipes not only cause sewage blockages when disposed of incorrectly but also contribute to our plastic pollution.

How wet wipes harm our face

The use of facial/body wet wipes to remove our daily grind rather than using a cleanser and water has become the norm. It’s not personally my thing but I can see the appeal.

Cleansing wipes not only damage the environment but can also damage our skin. There are now research studies to show that these types of wipes cause damage to our layer of the skin that acts as a protective barrier. This skin damage from cleansing/facial/wet wipes is leading to and aggravating skin conditions such eczema, rosacea and dermatitis.

An alternative cleansing cloth for the ‘wet wipe’ lovers

This blog is not all doom and gloom… If you are an avid facial/wet wipe lover have no fear, there is an alternative option available. I work with an incredible environmentally savvy brand that has just released eco-friendly, compostable facial cleansing cloths. Your daily make up, pollution and sweat can still be ‘wiped’ away without the skin and environmental damage.

As they are formulated with specific skin care ingredients, including antioxidants and mild botanical essences to target hydration and skin barrier protection they are perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins.

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